Prosthetic Dentures

Dentures are the most popular solution to replace several missing teeth. Whenever an individual loses a large number of teeth due to issues such as cavities, oral trauma, aging, jawbone deterioration, etc., it would be highly difficult for them to be restored using dental implants or bridges. In such situations, it is best to get them replaced using dentures.

Structure of dentures

Dentures are made from a combination of ceramic and acrylic. Tooth-colored ceramic material is used to fabricate the prosthetic replacement teeth. Acrylic is used to replicate the appearance of the gums. Together, they restore oral aesthetics as well as functionality, making them the most sought-after oral restorations while replacing multiple missing teeth.

How are dentures fabricated?

During the initial diagnosis, the dentist would conduct a thorough screening of the mouth and understand the severity of your condition. Based on the number of teeth you have remaining, the best type of dentures for you would be recommended. If you have a considerable number of teeth remaining, you could opt for partial dentures, where only the specific missing teeth are replaced. If almost all the teeth are extracted, it is best if you choose complete dentures.

We would take detailed scans and x-rays of the mouth to serve as a reference for fabricating the dentures. The data will be sent to a dental laboratory where the dentures will be fabricated in a few days. Once they are available, the dentist would place them in your mouth and check for fit and comfort. If any changes are required, they would be made so that you can wear them comfortably.

Advantages of getting dentures

  • Oral functionality can be restored to normal. With dentures, you can pronounce words like normal. Also, your ability to bite and chew food as always would be restored.
  • Your facial aesthetics would be elevated. Your face would naturally look fuller as the cheeks and chin would be restored to their ideal shape. In fact, you would look younger than you did with missing teeth.
  • Dentures are quite long-lasting. With proper care, they last for several years together.
  • If the dentures lose their shape over time or sustain any sort of damage, they can be mended easily by the dentist. However, patients shouldn’t try to do it themselves.
  • The soft acrylic that is used to fabricate dentures would go easy on the natural gum tissues. It wouldn’t cause any inflammation or abrasion over time.
  • Replacing a large number of teeth is best done using dentures.
  • Most important of all, dentures help you regain your confident smile.

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