Sedation Dentistry in Irvine

For many adults, the thought of going to the dentist is terrifying — so they don’t. While there’s no shame in being anxious, avoiding dental care can have serious consequences for your teeth and gums. To get the care you need without panic, consider sedation dentistry at Smile by Design Dental Group in Irvine, California. Experienced dentist Michael Choi, DMD, and his team offer sedation for all dental procedures, including tooth cleanings, making for a relaxed, pleasant visit. To learn more about sedation dentistry, schedule an appointment online or over the phone.

Sedation Dentistry Q&A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry includes a number of techniques designed to relieve your stress and anxiety when you go to the dentist. The team at Smile by Design Dental Group uses sedation dentistry to provide a relaxing, comfortable treatment experience.

You may consider sedation dentistry if you:

  • Have a low tolerance for pain
  • Have highly sensitive teeth and gums
  • Have an overactive gag reflex
  • Are afraid of shots and drills
  • Become very anxious while in the dental chair
  • Frequently cancel dental appointments

The team at Smile by Design Dental Group provides sedation dentistry techniques for routine teeth cleanings and checkups, as well as more involved dental procedures.

Don’t be embarrassed to express your concerns to the team and ask about sedation dentistry techniques. Plenty of people have fears about going to the dentist.

What types of dental sedation are available?

Sedation can be minimal, moderate, or deep:

  • Minimal sedation: largely awake but relaxed
  • Moderate sedation: awake but unable to speak and unlikely to remember the procedure
  • Deep sedation: almost completely unconscious

The team at Smile by Design Dental Group aims to use the minimum level of sedation necessary for you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your appointment. The level of sedation depends on your level of anxiety, your sensitivity to pain, and the procedure.

Techniques Smile by Design Dental Group use to perform sedation dentistry include:

Oral sedation

In oral sedation, you take a pill before your procedure. The medication is designed to help you stay awake but relaxed, though some patients fall asleep after the effects set in.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

The team at Smile by Design Dental Group is cautious about their use of sedation. The team monitors you after your procedure and makes sure you can get home safely before you leave the office.

You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home afterward.

To get the dental care you need without discomfort, schedule a sedation dentistry appointment at Smile by Design Dental Group online or over the phone.

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