What to Ask at an Implant Dentistry Consultation

Missing teeth can be uncomfortable, detract from your confidence level and create future dental problems with the surrounding teeth, soft tissue and even the jawbone.

Questions to ask at an implant dentistry consultation

Getting an implant may seem a little scary at first, but dental implants are the strongest tooth replacement option there is. Anchored into the jawbone, dental implants can perform just as well as real teeth and are highly recommended for anyone with a few gaps in their smile.

Will I need a bone graft?

There are quite a few steps in implant dentistry, though not all are always required.

Dental implants need to be drilled into the jawbone, as that is what gives them their strength. However, the bone that holds in normal teeth can actually disappear, being reabsorbed by the body when it is not “needed” any more.

If this process has occurred and bone is missing, the implant has nothing to anchor to. In this case, the dentist must first perform a bone graft to build up the missing area. The grafting materials include bone from somewhere else in your body, animal bone, donor human bone or even a synthetic gel that can serve the same function.

It is important to ask your dentist, because it takes time for the bone graft to set and could delay your dental implant significantly.

Does it use anesthesia?

It depends on the procedure, the dentist and the patient’s medical history.

This is an important question to ask your dentist because not only does anesthesia have its own risks, the patient may have a prior problematic history with anesthesia. And since each dentist goes about procedures in different ways, it is good to know up front.

This will affect your body, the experience, the recovery time and even how you will have to arrange transport after the procedure. Asking this question should be high up on the priority list.

How long will it be from decision to full replacement?

Because implant dentistry often includes a few different procedures spread out over a period of time, this is an excellent question for the dentist.

Bone grafts can take around two months to settle in, though those are not always necessary. The procedure to put in the post of the dental implant occurs in one sitting but can take three to six months of recovery before the crown (the new “tooth”) can be set. Then, of course, there is sometimes another two months of fitting to get everything correct.

The dentist will be able to give you more precise information based on your needs.

The importance of a consultation

When it comes to implant dentistry, no two preparations, procedures or recoveries will be exactly alike. And of course, no two orthodontic surgeons will use the exact same methods and make all the same calls. Ask these important questions to get the most out of your implant dentistry consultation and to ensure there will be no surprises along the way.

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