Post-implant care

A lot has been talked about dental implants lately. Dentists from all around the world believe that implants are the best solution to replacing lost natural teeth. Patients who have gotten implants done from us often express their joy about getting back their lost smile. They feel so relieved for not having to hide the gap between their teeth, which can make a person too conscious of their appearance.

Implant procedure

Implants consist of a metal stud and a ceramic tooth crown. The implant stud will be inserted in the jawbone in place of the tooth root. The ceramic crown will be mounted over the implant and bonded in place using an abutment and dental adhesives. The procedure takes place under the influence of local anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort.

Post-procedure care

After placing the implant in the jawbone, the dentist would suggest a healing period of a few weeks. During this, the jawbone grows around the implant and helps to hold it firmly in position. Also, the gums would grow around the implant and cover the jawbone underneath. During this period, the dentist would advise against the consumption of foods that are too hot or spicy. Also, certain medications would be prescribed by the dentist that would facilitate optimum healing and prevent the onset of infections.

Optimum oral health

During the healing period, it is important to maintain extremely good oral health in order to avoid infections. Brushing and flossing the teeth twice a day should be practiced regularly to keep microbes at bay. However, while doing so, be very careful not to dislodge the clot or injure the soft tissues near the implantation site. Also, excessive force should not be applied to the implant as it could move or loosen from its position.

In the long run…

Dental implants are known to last for several years together. They offer high durability and strength, which is why they stay as good as new for many years. However, patients should be careful while biting or chewing hard foods. The implant crown may chip or crack due to this. Hence, biting into hard foods such as nuts, ice cubes or trying to tear open plastic bags, etc. using the implants should be avoided.

In the long run, they may sometimes tend to loosen from the socket due to reasons such as jawbone deterioration or worn out screw windings. Visit a dentist as soon as possible to get the issue looked into, which otherwise could put the entire implant at risk. In any case, periodic visits to the dentist’s office for a routine consultation would be in order to maintain optimum oral health.

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