Permanent False Teeth Options

If you are missing a tooth, several teeth or constantly struggling with your oral health, permanent false teeth are worth your consideration. There are different types of permanent false teeth options available for patients with nuanced dental needs. Below, we take a look at the top permanent false teeth options. Give this overview a read and meet with your dentist to discuss the permanent false teeth that are ideal for your idiosyncratic oral health.


False teeth are often referred to as dentures. Dentures are a dental prosthesis for those who have one or several missing teeth. Fitting a denture for tooth replacement helps patients with speech as well as the consumption of food. In some cases, dentures even protect the remaining teeth and stop facial sagging. This type of denture is referred to as a partial denture.

Full dentures are available for patients who would like to replace all of their teeth. Some dentures are removable while others are affixed in place. If only one tooth needs to be replaced, the false tooth can be hooked around adjacent teeth. A full set of permanent false teeth can be connected to a plate that fits nice and snug over the gums or the upper portion of the mouth known as the “roof”. This plate is comprised of an acrylic material that is the same color of gum. The inner portion is made of metal. The gum section extends so the edge can't be seen when smiling.

Dental Implants are the Wave of the Future

Dental implants are rapidly growing in popularity due to their versatility and reliability. Dental implants can replace one or several teeth. This approach involves the insertion of a metal screw in the jawbone to enhance the tooth's stability. An artificial crown, denture or bridge is subsequently connected to the implants. Dental implants can even support a complete set of permanent dentures. It takes merely four dental implants to support an entire overdenture. This approach reduces concerns about possible denture slippage.

Though it is possible to replace an entire jaw full of teeth with conventional dental implants, this approach will likely require upwards of 10 implants in the jaw. A denture retained with implants will require between four and six implants in the jaw. The overdenture is then connected with a metal bar that accounts for all the implants or individual attachments for every dental implant. Fast forward a decade or two into the future and a considerable portion of the population will likely have dental implants. This permanent false teeth option is somewhat costly yet it is well worth the money. The price will only go down as time progresses.

Are Removable False Teeth Worth Considering?

Conventional dentures are made to be removed. Full sets typically have to be taken out at night during sleep. The partial variety can stay in the mouth for an extended period of time and brushed just like regular teeth. However, just because false teeth can be removed does not mean they will slip out of alignment. Though slippage is possible, it tends to occur when consuming foods that are especially hard or sticky.

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