Implant Dentistry: Frequently Asked Questions

Implant dentistry commonly asked questions

Is implant dentistry painful?

Dental implants are not painful. While there is the potential for discomfort as with any other oral surgery, this procedure is more comfortable than some people realize. If you are especially sensitive, ask your dentist for IV sedation or another form of anesthetic to dull the pain.

How long will dental implants last?

With proper care, dental implants can last upward of several decades. Older patients in their golden years might not have to worry about purchasing another set of dental implants. This breakthrough form of artificial teeth has the potential to last 20 years or longer. Dental implants are an effective and reliable solution for long-term tooth replacement.

Is there an age limit for implant dentistry patients?

People of just about every age can benefit from dental implants. Some patients in their 70s and 80s have dental implants. Even certain patients in their early 20s have these artificial teeth. As long as the patient’s jaw bone is strong and the patient does not smoke, there is a good chance of being able to apply dental implants. These implants will prove functional for years or even decades to come.

Do dental implants resemble real teeth?

High-quality dental implants that are properly placed will prove indistinguishable from surrounding teeth. You have likely seen dental implants in the mouths of others and had no idea they were not real teeth.

What do dental implants consist of?

The dental implant screw consists of pure titanium and in some cases, a titanium alloy. The implant’s oxide layer does not trigger any sort of foreign body reaction.

What is required to place a dental implant?

The dental implant process requires three steps. The initial step is to insert a titanium screw in the gum so it can connect directly to the jaw bone. This connection process is known as osseointegration. If a bone graft is necessary for the dental implant procedure, the oral health professional will add the graft while placing the titanium screw. They will then place an abutment on the titanium screw after it firmly connects to the jaw bone. The professional will also add a crown to the abutment to resemble an actual tooth.

Will my dental implants feel like real teeth?

Dental implants cause a minimal sensation, so they feel a bit different from regular teeth. However, this difference is barely noticeable. Once your dental implants are in place for a couple days, you will adjust to their feel and quickly forget they are in your mouth.

Is it possible for implant dentistry to prove effective if I grind my teeth?

Indeed, it is possible to add dental implants to your mouth if you grind your teeth. The dentist will perform this procedure with care so the dental implants do not end up under an excess of stress. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is certainly a factor to consider. However, bruxism will not preclude you from enjoying the many benefits of dental implants.

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