How can you choose the right dental implant for you?

Dental implants are an ideal option to replace your missing teeth. Implants have about a 90% success rate and can significantly improve the quality of your life. These factors are making them extremely popular amongst the people who are looking for such a solution to their missing teeth. No doubt that dental implants have become an outstanding dental service, but there is a vital step in determining which dental implant is right for you.

Dental implants have become a popular way to provide a secure and robust anchor for artificial replacement teeth. It is changing people’s lifestyles. With dental implants, you can enjoy all your favorite foods, and also smile confidently. It doesn’t even require any additional hygiene products to maintain it. Just regular brushing and flossing are sufficient. 

What are the types of dental implants?

Root form-dental implants: In this, the titanium implant is inserted into the bone directly. It is a durable and well-known type of dental implant as it gets placed inside the actual bone. If your jawbone has the strength to support it, then this is the best choice.

Subperiosteal dental implants:In this, the implant is placed on top of the jawbone. This is usually suggested only when the bone isn’t strong enough to support a titanium implant. A model of your jawbone is made to ensure that it fits perfectly.

 The place-form implant: This type of implant is recommended only when the jaw isn’t having the strength or isn’t wide enough to support any other kind of implant.

 The ramus-frame dental implant: This is usually recommended for the ones who have a weak or narrow jawbone. It is the least invasive and the least discrete of all types. 

What are the types of dental implant systems?

If you want to have a natural-looking smile, the right type of dental implant is essential. It can benefit from having a healthy bite strength in your teeth. Following are the types of dental implant systems are:

Single Tooth Implant:In a single tooth implant, one implant or a crown replaces the single missing tooth. With its help, you can get your lost natural tooth or its root replaced. If there is no other procedure to be carried out, then the process of a single-tooth dental implant can be done even in an hour. In this, the implant is anchored skillfully into the bone. As soon as the mouth heals and bone attaches to the implant, the crown is placed matching the natural tooth restoring the smile of the patient.

They are so durable that they can even last for a lifetime. Now you can be more confident while you speak and enjoy all of your favorite foods.

Multiple Teeth Implants:If you are missing multiple teeth, then multiple dental implants are the best to hold up a partial denture, a full denture, or a dental bridge. The extensiveness of the tooth loss will help to decide the best possible appliance to be used. 

Multiple dental implants are used to remove dentures entirely or to make alterations in them so that they are comfortable, stable, and functional.

Implant-supported Bridges and Dentures:Dental implants provide more excellent stability making the implant-supported bridges and dentures very stable. They are even better than the dental adhesives and best denture creams. You can now bite and chew properly. You can also speak and smile with confidence.

 It is only the dentist who can examine you thoroughly and suggest the best dental implant for you. So now you don’t have to be shy of that missing tooth anymore. 

Find the best remedy for your missing teeth by requesting an appointment with Dr. Choi today at (949) 786-2820 to acquire your dental implants. 

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