Getting Implants to Support Your New Dentures?

implant supported

Most dental patients who receive dentures as their tooth replacement option do so because there is a limited amount of bone remaining on their jawbones. Traditional dentures have a design that allows them to sit directly on the wearer's gums. However, for patients who have a good amount of bone remaining, implant-supported dentures are a solid choice. These dentures, also called overdentures, sit on implants in the patient's mouth, providing a sturdy placement and providing relief to his or her gums.

Getting implants

Getting implants is necessary for those who have chosen to get implant supported dentures. An initial consultation is necessary in order for the dental professional to understand exactly what is necessary. The next appointment is the surgical appointment, which is when the dentist inserts the implants surgically into the patient's jawbone. After a few months of healing, a second surgery occurs. At that time, the dental professional places a cap to the top of each of the implants to assist with the healing process as well as take an impression for the new dentures. A third and last appointment involves making sure that everything fits exactly as it should.

Getting dentures supported by implants

While traditional dentures are still available, not everyone is a good fit for this type of dentures. The reason why dentures supported by implants are becoming more popular is that the dentures stay in place with no movement, which is not always possible with traditional dentures. When choosing implant-supported dentures, wearer's no longer need to concern themselves about dentures move around in the mouth or even falling out of the patient's mouth.

When someone decides to get implant-supported dentures, they should go with a dental professional who has plenty of experience with this procedure to ensure the entire process is successful.

Commit to the next step

When ready to get implants, all you need to do is call us to make a consultation appointment. This is part of your commitment to take the steps necessary to improve your oral health. During a consultation appointment, one of our caring dentists will perform an oral evaluation of your mouth to understand what you need. He or she will then discuss all of the available options and discuss the procedure in detail so there will be no surprises during the procedure. Make an appointment today to take the first step toward this tooth replacement option.

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