Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a treatment or a process that involves a series of procedures, which helps in restoring the health and function of the mouth and teeth. If there are missing teeth, unhealthy gums, or any other complications, then this might be a holistic treatment for you. It is necessary to note that FMR is not entirely an aesthetic treatment and is especially for people who are affected by specific medical issues in their mouths. 

Why would you need a full mouth reconstruction?

There are a certain number of factors that could make you the right candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Some of them are:

Dental disease:Full mouth reconstruction would be a beneficial treatment for the people who have gingivitis or periodontal disease, where the gums get infected.

Accident: If you meet an accident that results in damaging your mouth or causing tooth loss, then you might have to go for a full mouth reconstruction.

Erosion:If your teeth get too worn down, then you should undergo a full mouth reconstruction. 

Jaw pain: If you go through a pain in the jaw or headaches that result from jaw misalignment or malocclusion, full mouth reconstruction would be a better option.

What are some of the procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction?

The common procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction are:

Dental implants: In order to restore or replace a diseased or missing tooth, dental implants would be a better option with the addition of a dental crown or bridge. A dental crown is a cap that is placed over an unhealthy tooth. Dental bridges are a set of artificial teeth that help in replacing missing teeth.

Osseous/gum surgery: With this, you can get rid of infected gums and unhealthy bone in the mouth.

Dentures:In this procedure, a full or partial set of artificial teeth is placed in the mouth.

Gum/bone grafting:In this process, healthy gum or bone is used for replacing areas where your gum or bone is missing or diseased.

Ceramic onlays:Ceramic onlays could be installed to fix a diseased tooth or an uneven bite in your mouth.

Invisalign:Using a clear aligner can fix alignment issues without the aesthetic disruption of metallic braces.

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