FAQs About Implants

Dental implants are a common dental solution because they are able to act like natural teeth, roots and all. They are also one of the longest-lasting tooth replacement options available. The fact is that there are many benefits available when it comes to using dental implants has many people wanting more information about this popular dental solution.

Dental Implants FAQs

The following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about dental implants.

What is the success rate when it comes to getting dental implants?

Success rates for those who choose to get dental implants tend to range between 90 and 95 percent.

How long do implants generally last?

Implants have the ability to last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Can someone remove dental implants from their mouth if they want to?

Implants are a permanent dental solution, which means that they will stay in the mouth unless they fail for some reason and require replacing one day.

Is the dental implant surgery painful because the implants require a surgical connection to the jawbone?

Those who undergo dental implant surgery will experience discomfort as well as varying levels of pain. Over-the-counter medications can help to minimize any pain someone is experiencing after having this type of dental surgery.

Is it easy or hard to care for dental implants?

It is very easy to take care of dental implants because they require the same care as natural teeth and brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day.

Can anyone who wants to get one or more implants do so?

Getting implants is a surgical procedure. In order for a dentist to approve someone to get dental implants, they must first make an initial consultation appointment. Generally speaking, if someone is in good overall health, then they are likely to qualify for the dental implant procedure.

Got any more questions?

If you have any questions about implants that still need answering, give us a call right now so that we can give you the answers you need so you can make the right choice for your particular dental situation. If you think you have already decided that implants are going to work for you, then go ahead and call us so we can make an appointment for you with one of our caring dentists. During the appointment, the two of you can discuss all of the options available to you that can assist with your particular situation. We are here for you!

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