Factors to Consider Before Dental Implants

Dental implants have helped revolutionize the replacement of teeth. Before the development of implants, people with dentures were unable to chew certain types of food. Procedures that replaced broken teeth would also cause a lot more pain before implants came along. Dental implants are an effective method of replacing one or more broken teeth. Although dental implants have been used in the world of dentistry since 1982, there are still multiple factors to consider before deciding to commit to a dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is essentially when a screw made of titanium is fused or bonded with the patient’s jawbone. This fusion process is called osteointegration and is when the implant is connected to a component called an abutment that supports the crown. The implant provides stability to the jawbone without damaging the teeth and has a success rate of 97 percent. However, even with this boastful statistic, there are several factors you need to remember before committing to a dental implant.


If the patient has practiced proper oral hygiene, dental implants can easily last more than ten years. These implants can become a lifelong solution if one treats them with care. Depending on the quality of the materials used in the dental implants, checkups or even replacements may be needed due to a drop in quality or deterioration in general. Patients with titanium implants tend to keep them throughout their natural life. Ceramic products tend to drop in quality after a decade and may need to be reexamined.

Slow and steady

A dental implant procedure is not a quick one. It is a multi-step process and will require a full dental exam. People who cannot handle x-rays may need to reconsider other options besides implants. Depending on the doctors, molds and models of the patient’s mouth may be required. This involves multiple visits and is a lengthy journey during the healing process as well. The healing period is several months long and may necessitate multiple visits, even after the initial treatment. Luckily, you will most likely be given a form of anesthesia or sedation during this period.


Dental implants can be made from multiple materials. Each boasts different benefits. The main three materials used in implants are titanium, zirconia/ceramic and zygomatic implantation. Titanium implants are the most common and have a large amount of research to back up their effectiveness. Ceramic implants tend to have a shorter lifespan but allow the healing process to be much quicker. Ceramic implants are generally new to the scene and have a short five-year history and data. Keep this in mind if you would like to speed up the aftercare process. Zygomatic implants are generally only used by oral maxillofacial surgeons and are much more expensive. These implants are used for patients who already have poor bone quality. Now that you have some factors to consider before committing to dental implants, you know how to prepare if you decide to get a dental implant. Good luck on your journey toward a brand new smile!

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