Dental Implant Surgery Aftercare

Dental Implant SurgeryNow that your dental implant surgery is over, it is time to take it easy for a few days. Be careful in terms of what you eat and drink as well as how you position your head and clean your teeth.

Below, we take a look at some helpful information that will help you obtain the proper rest for healing following your dental implant surgery.

Eat and Drink With Care

Avoid hot and cold drinks until after the anesthetic wears off. Ideally, you will wait to consume hot foods and drinks until at least the first day passes. Refrain from swilling liquid over the area where the procedure was performed.

General Advice Following Dental Implant Surgery

Do not press against the site of the dental implant surgery with your fingers or tongue. Avoid exercising in a strenuous manner for the first two days following the dental implant surgery. The position of your head matters, especially when you are sleeping. Try to sleep propped up on a couple pillows. This positioning will help you obtain a solid night's rest and assist with managing the flow of blood.

Pain Management

You might be sore for a couple days after the dental implant surgery. Manage your pain with painkillers. Take the maximum recommended dose for the first couple days following the surgery.


The manner in which you take care of your mouth determines the success of the oral surgery. Clean the other teeth like you normally would with your toothbrush. This cleaning can occur on the night of the surgery. Do not brush the site of the surgery for a couple days. Once this time has passed, start to gradually clean this area with care. You can catalyze the healing process with hot salt mouthwashes across the initial week. Just make sure the mouthwash is not so hot that it scalds.

How to Handle Swelling

There will likely be some swelling and possibly some bruising after the procedure. This swelling should reach its peak a couple days after the dental implant surgery. So if it does not subside for a day or two, do not be alarmed. If the swelling is especially bad, reduce it with ice packs wrapped in a towel. Hold this cold press against the cheek for 10 minute periods. Abide by 20 minute breaks in between application. Once 24 hours passes, you will likely benefit more from gentle heat than ice.


Bleeding will likely occur in the area of the mouth where surgery took place. If it continues, add pressure by biting down firmly on the area with a damp gauze swab. You can also use a clean handkerchief. Apply pressure for upwards of a full hour while remaining in the upright position. If bleeding continues after applying this pressure, reach out to your oral surgeon or dentist for assistance.

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