Dental Implant Placement and Your Gums

Thinking about getting a dental implant because you are missing a tooth? Or maybe you are missing multiple teeth and for that reason considering many dental implants as your tooth replacement option? When you are missing one or more of your teeth, it is necessary for you to replace the empty spaces in your mouth. These empty spaces can lead to your experiencing a number of oral problems, like shifting teeth, difficulty chewing and jawbone loss.

If you have not seen a dentist in a while, know that there have been many advances in the dentistry field. This makes it easier than ever for you to replace your missing teeth.

About dental implants

Dental implants are a common tooth replacement option nowadays. This is because they very closely resemble a natural tooth. Implants not only look like a natural tooth, but they also act like a natural tooth making them a great functional tooth replacement option. Someone might choose to get one or more dental implants because they are missing one or more of their teeth. If they do so, they can expect an improvement in their oral health as well as their overall appearance.

Implant requirements

It is necessary for a dental professional to surgically place the implants into one’s gums. Thus, they must be in overall good oral health. This means that both their remaining teeth and their gums must be in a healthy state, which is essential to dental implant success. There must also be enough jawbone for the implant to be inserted into. This will be determined through X-rays.

Placing dental implants

When it comes to placing dental implants a dental professional will want to make sure that their patients’ gum health is in good shape. This is because good gum health is essential to implant success. If there are any signs of gum disease, then the gum disease will need to first be treated before the dental implants can be placed. It is essential for a dental implant to be stable once inserted into the gums in order for it to work, which requires healthy gum tissue.

When it comes to where the dental implants will be placed in the gums, it will depend on each patient’s particular situation. For single implant placement, the implant will simply be placed into the now empty space left from the missing tooth. If a patient is missing multiple teeth, then they need implant-supported bridges or implant supported dentures. The dental professional will carefully choose where to place the implants using X-rays.

Are dental implants the right choice for you?

Now that you understand more about dental implant placement, does it sound like dental implants are going to be the right choice for you? There are many benefits to having one or more dental implants placed in your mouth. If you are ready to experience those benefits, then making an appointment with a dental professional for more detailed information is necessary. The sooner you decide on your tooth replacement option, the sooner you can once again have a healthy mouth.

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