5 Cornerstones of Good Dental Care

Are you looking for information on what constitutes good dental care? Excellent oral hygiene is not only good for a beautiful smile but also to prevent many tooth and gum infections.

According to the World Health Organization, a person has optimal oral health when their oral cavity and face are free of oral and throat cancer, oral sores, chronic pain, tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease or other conditions or disorders that afflict the oral cavity.

The basics of excellent dental care


Brush your teeth at least twice daily. However, if you are fond of snacking randomly throughout the day, then two times is not enough. Failure to clean your teeth regularly can cause plaque accumulation, which could result in cavities and gum disease.

Brushing correctly is also just as important — make sure you clean the front, the back and the chewing surfaces of your teeth thoroughly with circular brushing motions. You need to avoid vigorous brushing to prevent hurting your gums and tooth enamel. Ideally, you should spend at least two minutes at a time on brushing.

Tongue cleaning

Do you ever discover white coating on the surface of your tongue right after waking up in the morning? The whiteness is the buildup of bacteria mixed with food remnants. Tongue cleaning helps to get rid of the accumulated bacteria and keep your mouth healthy.

You can buy tongue scrapers for cleaning the tongue. The correct method of using the tongue cleaner is to hold the two ends of the tool, push your tongue out and run the scraper over to scrape off the white coating. You need to be gentle to prevent injuries to your tongue.


Everyone agrees that flossing is an important aspect of oral care, but not many people actually floss daily. You should floss your teeth at least once daily, especially before going to bed. It helps to clean out debris from areas that are inaccessible by the toothbrush, which if not cleaned, may cause tooth decay.

Watch your diet

Certain foods such as dairy, veggies and apples can contribute to remineralizing and strengthening your teeth against oral diseases. In the same vein, avoid sugary and acidic meals, as well as tobacco products because of their detrimental effects on the oral cavity.

Dental checkups

Your dental care routine is not complete if you fail to visit the dental office for regular checkups. During these appointments, the dentist will check for the presence of oral issues and perform a deep cleaning to remove tartar deposits on the teeth. Dental checkups are essential to prevent the risk of oral health issues and ensure their early detection and treatment if any.

Final note

Before, many believed that tooth loss and gum diseases were inevitable with old age. That is simply not true — with good dental care, you can prevent the occurrence of oral health diseases and have a beautiful smile that will last for a lifetime. It will also save you from undergoing invasive and costly dental procedures.

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