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Tips to Prevent Staining Your Veneers

Porcelain is stain-resistant. Dental veneers can, therefore, retain their bright white brilliance for several years at a time. Resistant does not mean “proof,” however.
Apr 5th, 2023

Porcelain Veneers vs. Composite Veneers - Pros and Cons

Veneers are one of the simplest oral restorations used primarily for cosmetic dental purposes. They are wafer-thin restorations that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth to get rid of their surface imperfections and restore their shape and size.
Jul 28th, 2020

Same-day crowns can transform your smile in a day!

Same-day crowns are fabricated using a technology called CEREC, which stands for 'Chairside Economical Restoration using Esthetic Ceramic'. It is an advanced technology that is being incorporated by many dentists worldwide and allows us to provide ...
Apr 30th, 2020

Types of Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small screw-like post made of titanium, which is placed surgically within your jawbone underneath your gum line. This post will fuse with your jawbone to form a strong base for your tooth restoration or crown.
Mar 24th, 2020

Sleep Apnea and Its treatments

Sleep apnea can affect both adults and children, causing interruptions in their breathing while sleeping, and prevents them from taking adequate rest. When the intake of the proper amount of oxygen gets depleted, people might suffer from sleep apnea...
Feb 19th, 2020

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a treatment or a process that involves a series of procedures, which helps in restoring the health and function of the mouth and teeth. If there are missing teeth, unhealthy gums, or any other complications, then this ...
Jan 15th, 2020

5 Ways Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

They say eyes are the window to the soul; however, that isn't always the case. At a glance, people generally tend to notice one's smile more than any other gesture.
Dec 24th, 2019

Ways to Improve Your Oral Health

Gum disease occurs as a result of bacteria build-up in the mouth and around the teeth. It can affect other parts of your mouth, such as the enamel of your teeth and supporting tissues.
Dec 17th, 2019

Modern technology in dental implants

The perfect set of teeth can make a lot of difference in your everyday life. The way you smile with confidence, interact with people around you, etc. could be influenced by the aesthetics of the teeth.
Oct 30th, 2019

Post-implant care

A lot has been talked about dental implants lately. Dentists from all around the world believe that implants are the best solution to replacing lost natural teeth.
Oct 23rd, 2019

Am I too Old Or Too Young To Get Implants?

Dental implants are the source of strength and happiness for patients to help them smile and laugh with confidence and comfort. These artificial root structures act as strong anchors to support teeth restorations and are known to be more durable ...
Oct 16th, 2019

All about implants

Missing tooth is a common problem. This might happen due to tooth decay or an injury which makes it necessary to replace the missing teeth.
Oct 1st, 2019

How to Make Sure Your Dental Veneers Last

Wondering if dental veneers are the right choice for you? When you are living with one or more tooth imperfections, it is likely that you do not feel as confident as you should when you smile.
Jun 7th, 2019

7 Options for Improving Your Smile

When life itself brought teeth to show signs of aging with yellowed, chipped, cracked teeth or the front teeth have shifted slightly to bring slight spaces in-between the teeth, the only solution was to shrink away from the camera. Good News!
Jun 4th, 2019

Welcome to Smile by Design Dental Group

We are committed to provide quality service to residents located In the Irvine, CA area. Our website has additional information about the following topics: Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, Family Dentist, Prosthodontist, Emergency Dentist, Dental Implants...
Jun 3rd, 2019

What Symptoms Point Toward Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that causes an individual to stop breathing for short periods of time throughout the night. While many people are affected by this sleep disorder on a daily basis, some individuals with this disorder have never...
Jun 2nd, 2019

Dental Implants: Why Your Jawbone Needs Them

We provide dental implant as a way to replace missing teeth. This is an excellent solution if you are looking for a dental restoration that is natural-looking and also functions like a natural tooth.
May 28th, 2019

5 Cornerstones of Good Dental Care

Are you looking for information on what constitutes good dental care? Excellent oral hygiene is not only good for a beautiful smile but also to prevent many tooth and gum infections.
May 21st, 2019

Family Dentist in Irvine: The Advantages of a Family Provider

Having a family dentist provides you with several important advantages. The most important from a holistic standpoint is the fact that families near Irvine who visit a family dentist regularly have a much better level of oral health and healthier teeth ...
Apr 9th, 2019

5 Tips for a Successful Implant Restoration

Dental implants are an excellent means of replacing one or more lost teeth as a result of trauma, decay, infection or another reason. We can perform dental implant restoration so patients can enjoy all those foods they love to eat, speak in public...
Apr 2nd, 2019

5 Reasons People Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are often the preferred choice amongst patients who are missing one or more teeth. Dental implants offer a permanent solution when teeth are missing and the entire process is one that can only take a few short weeks.
Mar 14th, 2019

Bone Graft Procedure For Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, you should give serious consideration to dental implants. This oral health solution for missing or damaged teeth looks and functions just like regular teeth.
Mar 6th, 2019

Dental Implant Surgery Aftercare

Now that your dental implant surgery is over, it is time to take it easy for a few days. Be careful in terms of what you eat and drink as well as how you position your head and clean your teeth.
Feb 25th, 2019

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have become quite the popular replacement option for missing teeth. A dental implant is comprised of titanium.
Feb 18th, 2019

Types Of False Teeth

If you have lost a tooth, suffered tooth damage or need a false tooth for any other reason, you should know there are many different types of false teeth available. From full dentures to partial dentures, fixed bridges, dental implants and beyond...
Feb 5th, 2019

Permanent False Teeth Options

If you are missing a tooth, several teeth or constantly struggling with your oral health, permanent false teeth are worth your consideration. There are different types of permanent false teeth options available for patients with nuanced dental needs.
Jan 31st, 2019

What You Need to Know About Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry is here to return your life to normal. You should not have to live with a missing tooth that taints your smile, makes eating painful and threatens your oral health.
Jan 20th, 2019

One Day Dental Implants

If you have damaged or missing teeth, it is time to consider dental implants in one day. It all starts with an initial consultation at the dentist's office.
Jan 10th, 2019

Can You Break a Tooth Implant?

Dental implants If you are wondering how sturdy and reliable a dental tooth implant is, it is important to understand what a dental implant consists of. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that replaces your lost tooth and the tooth root.
Dec 29th, 2018

When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

What are dental implants? Dental implants are a common intervention for tooth loss. There are many reasons for tooth loss, including lack of/poor oral hygiene, plaque and tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease being some of the top reasons.
Dec 19th, 2018

Implant Dentistry: Frequently Asked Questions

Implant dentistry commonly asked questions Is implant dentistry painful? Dental implants are not painful. While there is the potential for discomfort as with any other oral surgery, this procedure is more comfortable than some people realize.
Dec 6th, 2018

What You Should Know About Dental Implants

By this point in time, most people have at least heard of dental implants in passing. If you were to poll dentists, you would find dental implants are quickly becoming the go-to means of tooth replacement.
Nov 26th, 2018

7 Common Dental Problems and Treatments

Dental Cavities. OUCH, OOOH . . . the common toothache! Such dental problem usually comes about at the most inconvenient time of early morning when nothing is stirring but that 'throbbing' tooth!
Nov 14th, 2018

7 Options for Improving Your Smile

When life itself brought teeth to show signs of aging with yellowed, chipped, cracked teeth or the front teeth have shifted slightly to bring slight spaces in-between the teeth, the only solution was to shrink away from the camera. Good News!
Nov 7th, 2018

What Can Cause a Dental Implant to Fail?

There are a variety of things that can lead to a failed dental implant. These devices are the best way to replace a missing tooth, and the rate of success is around 95 percent.
Oct 29th, 2018

Can a Tooth Implant be Removed?

It's very rare for a tooth implant to lead to complications, but it is a possibility. Most installations of dental implants are successful and fast when the procedure is performed by a skilled oral surgeon.
Oct 20th, 2018

Pros and Cons of Same Day Dental Implants

When a person loses one or more of their natural teeth, same day dental implants are one of the best options available. This procedure allows patients to immediately restore the appearance of their smiles and the functionality of lost teeth.
Sep 27th, 2018

Getting Implants to Support Your New Dentures?

Most dental patients who receive dentures as their tooth replacement option do so because there is a limited amount of bone remaining on their jawbones. Traditional dentures have a design that allows them to sit directly on the wearer's gums.
Sep 12th, 2018

FAQs About Implants

Dental implants are a common dental solution because they are able to act like natural teeth, roots and all. They are also one of the longest-lasting tooth replacement options available.
Aug 14th, 2018

Dental Implants vs Fixed Bridges

Gone are the days when you avoided social activities because of your missing teeth. With great progress in the field of dentistry, getting back your attractive smile is just a treatment away thanks to tooth replacements that have made it possible...
Jul 6th, 2018

Implant Restoration Options

Implant restoration While dental implants can be the strongest way to replace a missing tooth, the fact is that nothing is invincible.
Jul 1st, 2018

Save a Permanent Tooth or Replace It with a Dental Implant

If you have severe dental issues, the dentist might suggest removing the teeth and replacing them with implants. Dental implants are the perfect tooth replacement because of their natural appearance and feel, durability and high success rate.
Jun 20th, 2018

Is a Dental Implant an Artificial Tooth Root?

A dental implant can be considered an artificial tooth root because that is the purpose it serves. Dentists use dental implants to replace tooth roots with metal screws that serve as artificial tooth roots, replacing damaged teeth with artificial teeth...
Jun 6th, 2018

What is Dental Implant Reconstruction?

Dental implant reconstruction is rapidly turning into the desired dental restoration procedure for patients with missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants offer many remarkable health benefits and help to restore the primary teeth functions like chewing...
May 29th, 2018

Factors to Consider Before Dental Implants

Dental implants have helped revolutionize the replacement of teeth. Before the development of implants, people with dentures were unable to chew certain types of food.
May 20th, 2018

How to Care for a New Dental Implant

If you have recently gotten a dental implant or are just considering the option, here are some ways to care for the new implant once the surgery and dental implant have been completed.
May 9th, 2018

Implant Dentist: Finding the Right One

An implant dentist is your best choice for restoring your smile if you are missing teeth. When you have chosen to invest your time and money on dental implants, you expect your dental implant surgeries to go smoothly.
May 2nd, 2018

Is a Dental Implants Procedure Considered Oral Surgery?

Dental implants are a great choice for those wishing to replace a single tooth, several teeth or all of the teeth. The main goals for dental implant procedures are to restore functionality and make your teeth look good.
Apr 23rd, 2018

Dental Implant Placement and Your Gums

Thinking about getting a dental implant because you are missing a tooth? Or maybe you are missing multiple teeth and for that reason considering many dental implants as your tooth replacement option?
Feb 24th, 2018

How an Implant Dentist Uses the Bone in Your Jaw

Wondering how an implant dentist uses your jawbone to insert dental implants? Good idea. When you are in need of a tooth replacement option, finding out everything you can about your options Is a great idea.
Feb 2nd, 2018

How Long Does an Implant Restoration Take?

Implant restoration is a great way to replace missing teeth and restore the appearance of your smile while also helping to ensure good oral health in the long-term. However, many choose not to receive the teeth replacement care they need out of fear...
Jan 30th, 2018