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TMJ Therapy for Irvine and Orange County Residents

Are you suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ, and having trouble finding a perfect solution for your health care? Irvine dentist, Dr. Michael Choi, at the Smile by Design Dental Group can provide you with amazing results. Our dentistry has been successfully treating different types of pain or discomfort associated with TMJ disorder in Irvine and Orange County, CA areas.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms and Treatment

Smile by Design Dental Group has gained wide popularity across the length and breadth of California as a TMJ disorder treatment center. TMJ typically occurs in people aged between 20 and 40 years and more women than men suffer from the disorder. The most common TMJ symptoms of this ailment include tenderness in the face, pain in the shoulder, pain in the neck, stuck jaws and difficulty in chewing or biting.

At our Irvine dental practice, you can expect to find perfect TMJ solution to get rid of this pain and discomfort. Dr. Choi at Smile by Design has more than two decades of experience in dental care and treatment. He offers non-surgical treatments under his expert supervision.

If you are located in Irvine or Orange County and you are looking for the perfect dentist, then Dr. Choi is the answer. At our Irvine dentistry, you will also enjoy the benefit of a free consultation or dental treatment planning. Right from the moment you step in, you’ll feel completely satisfied with the quality of service that Smile by Design offers.

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