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Dental Patient Testimonials

“I used to be very unhappy with my smile. I would not smile as much as I wanted to or would try to cover my mouth. I would have to stand at certain angles in order to get a good picture taken. Dr. Choi changed all that. Now I love my smile and I have no hesitation showing it off. The veneers and crowns he used are beautiful and no one can tell them apart from my own teeth. Thank you so much, Dr. Choi!”

– Lillian

“My fear went out the window when I sat and talked to Dr. Choi back in 2003. I really thought he was a little too young to have had all those experiences he was talking to me about and sure enough… I am a living example of his great work.

Before the implants, I could not chew or even think of having a steak dinner, now I can chew gum, have an apple and a steak breakfast every Saturday with the girls. I feel Dr. Choi is the BEST.”

– Debra

“First and foremost, I want to extend my thanks to Mary, Ivy and Dr. Choi for everything you did (& do) to make me comfortable. The staff has been wonderful and I appreciate you taking so much of your time to talk to me and ease my fear.

I thought the process was going to be painful and uncomfortable. Everyone went overboard to make me feel comfortable. I can’t believe the difference! It took ten years off my age by getting full mouth reconstruction with implants, bone-grafting and a sinus lift. This has helped me health wise. I thought all this time that I had allergies, but all along it was that my sinus was affected by the bone loss caused from the missing teeth. Thanks to Dr. Michael Choi and staff I have a new set of pearly whites.”

– Kwan

“Dr. Choi, thank you again for all the extra time you have spent with us getting everything just right.”

– Marji

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for my great smile! For many years, I was unhappy about my teeth. It brings me great joy to say that I’ve never been happier with my smile. Thanks to you. Thank you for your professionalism, you made it wonderful!”

– Homa

“I experienced a high level of confidence from my first visit with Dr. Choi. During my treatment, everything I had no problem as the work was at the high level of technical expertise I was expecting. The staff is great, making the experience stress free, without any undue discomfort or unnecessary delays.

I would highly recommend Dr. Choi to anyone needing a highly skilled dentist with a level of care for his patients that feels like family.”

– Drew

“Everyone in the office is very professional and extremely friendly from the minute you walk in until you leave. The work they do is excellent.”

– Vaughan

“I continue to be amazed by both the quality of care I receive at your office and how Dr. Choi has effectuated an excellent, efficient business model.”

– Ronnie

“Great. Everyone was professional, friendly, and accommodating. Excellent experience.”

– Carmen

“My experience with Dr. Choi and his staff was amazing! First of all having 3 cavities (big or small) filled at one time is no picnic. Dr. Choi completed them while I was asking if we had started!! He is incredibly gentle and explains every step of the way what he is doing. It is obvious he is very meticulous and that no small details are overlooked. GREAT! trait for a dentist. I felt very confident of his knowledge and experience. His assistant was very helpful and incredibly friendly while I was being nervous at “pre-treatment” time.

This anxiety dissolved immediately. The entire treatment plan and cost was explained perfectly and the staff was eager to answer any questions. I observed them treating each patient in the waiting room with the same respect. AND last but far from least, Linda gave one of the best (and most informative) cleanings to date. Thank you so much. You are stuck with me.”

– Anon

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