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Orange County Prosthodontist Provides Dentures & Partials

Irvine Dentist Offers Affordable Tooth Replacements

In Orange County, Dr. Michael Choi is an experienced and well-trained prosthodontist, which means he is a specialist in the restoration and replacement of missing and broken teeth. Dr. Choi creates removable, permanent, and implant-retained dental appliances, including partial and full dentures.

At Smile by Design in Irvine, CA, we use modern materials to create beautiful custom partial or full dentures. We can also replace or reline your current dentures if you’re experiencing slipping, speech impediments, or bite issues. Dr. Choi can replace your worn-out dentures with custom-made, state-of-the-art dentures. Your new dentures will look great and put the gorgeous in your grin.

Depending on your smile needs, Dr. Choi can customize either a full set of dentures for your upper and lower arches, or create partial dentures to fill in gaps around your natural teeth. The more natural teeth you have, the better your oral health.

Full Dentures for Dental Patients in Orange County

If severe deterioration of your teeth presents a hazard to your continued dental well-being, it may be in your best interest to have all the damaged and infected teeth removed. In some cases, patients come to us who’ve already lost their teeth, either through disease or traumatic accidents.

At his Orange County dental practice, Dr. Choi can use his expertise and meticulous skills to create a beautiful set of full dentures, which can be attached either through traditional methods, such as adhesive, or with dental implants.

After teeth have been removed, the supporting ridges that remain gradually get smaller. Every two to four years, patients will need their dentures need to be “relined” or “refitted” so that their dentures conform to the changing ridge. Your ridges and jawbone can be better preserved with dental implants, which mimic actual tooth roots.

Partial Dentures Created at Irvine Dental Practice

Removable partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. Our Irvine, CA prosthodontist can create partial dentures that attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments. Dr. Choi can also place dental implants as a connection point for your partial dentures.

Your dentures may feel awkward for a little while, but your mouth will eventually get used to your new teeth and they’ll begin to feel like a regular part of your smile.

Tooth Loss and Aging

Did you know that aging doesn’t bring about tooth loss at all? The number one reason that American adults lose their teeth is due to untreated gum disease. Gum disease has a high statistical correlation with chronic debilitating diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, strokes, and heart problems. Nutritional deficiencies are also more prevalent in those without their natural teeth.

At Smile by Design we appreciate the special challenges that are faced by our senior patients. Dr. Choi and his team will help you find the denture solutions that will keep your mouth healthy, and allow you to enjoy a full and satisfying life.

Irvine Denture Dentist Replaces Damaged Teeth

Our Irvine dentistry serves all of Orange County, CA. Smile by Design is conveniently located at 113 Waterworks Way, Ste 120, Irvine, CA. If you’re looking to replace your missing teeth with dentures, partials, or implants, then why not choose a dentist who is a certified prosthodontist? We’ll give you a healthy, beautiful smile! Request your appointment now!

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