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Dental Implants in Irvine and Orange County, CA

Missing teeth – actually even one missing tooth – is more than simply a cosmetic issue. Having a missing tooth may compromise your ability to speak clearly and eat a well-balanced diet. Consequently, self-confidence and nutrition may suffer. In addition, you run the risk of adjacent teeth shifting out of place, which may cause bite misalignment and other problems such as jaw pain, teeth grinding and headaches. With this dental imperfection, you need the services of a qualified dentist.

Dental Implant Process

At Smile by Design in Irvine, CA, we begin your dental implant process with a thorough evaluation of your medical and dental history. A full clinical examination of your entire mouth, evaluation of your smile gaps, and special X-rays are also completed. Then your dental implant surgery is scheduled. As an implant specialist and prosthodontist with specialized residency training, Dr. Michael Choi conducts the entire procedure in our Orange County, CA office.

Dental implants are probably the most natural and most well-functioning tooth replacement available today. With an implant, Dr. Choi surgically places a small titanium post in the jaw bone beneath the space of the missing tooth. With time, the bone begins to grow around the post in a process called osseointegration. This fusing of bone and post mimics the natural connection between your jaw bone and tooth’s root, thereby helping to prevent bone loss and facial sagging.

Once the implant is healed and anchored to the bone, Dr. Choi will take an impression in order to construct a restorative dental crown that perfectly fits the open space, as well as your bite. While your permanent crown is fabricated, you’ll wear a temporary crown. Once the permanent crown is in place, the result is a lifelike tooth replacement that completes your smile.

Bone Grafting Provides a Sturdy Foundation for Dental Implant Patients

Sometimes, a patient will need an increased amount of bone in their jaw before an implant can be successfully placed. Thankfully, bone grafting is available as a transformative solution for those patients who need more vital support. Dr. Choi even relies on platelet-rich fibrins (PRF), a cutting-edge technique that has been proven to drastically improve the success of bone grafting surgery by stimulating bone and soft tissue growth and jump starting the healing process significantly.

Implant Dentistry for Dentures and Bridges

For patients who need dentures or bridgework to replace more than one missing tooth, dental implants offer the most secure method for keeping these prosthetic devices in place. With implant supported dentures or bridges, Dr. Choi strategically places implants in the jawbone to secure them in a natural position within your mouth. Once healed—as with implants for single tooth replacements—the dentures or bridge are then fastened into place. There’s nothing that slips, so your “teeth” feel natural and secure.

Implant Dentist Irvine

Implant Dentist Irvine

If you would like to learn more about how dental implants can improve your smile, call the office of Smile by Design. Dr. Choi would be happy to consult with you. Located in Irvine, CA, we conveniently serve patients from Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, and Santa Ana, Tustin and Mission Viejo and the surrounding area.

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