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Porcelain Veneers

If you can’t smile with confidence because of a cosmetic dental issue, porcelain veneers in Irvine by Dr. Choi, could be the best solution for you.

Porcelain veneers are dental porcelains that are custom-crafted and bonded on your natural teeth. These are recommended for patients with gaps, chipped or cracked teeth, patients whose teeth are unevenly spaced or crowded, those whose teeth discoloration doesn’t respond to typical teeth whitening solutions, or patients with short and stubby teeth as well as those whose teeth are misaligned. Dr. Choi and the rest of the team here in Smile by Design Dental Group will be more than happy to discuss the smile designs you like to help you in your decision-making. You can even bring sample smile photos and the team will make sure that the smile you like will appeal with your facial features.

The Smile by Design Dental Group are committed to help you bring out and rediscover your self-confidence by providing you a flawless dental solution through porcelain veneers along with other cosmetic dentistry services we offer. Schedule your appointment today and let us show you what an incredible difference it will make on your level of confidence and the beauty of your smile. Smile by design Dental Group has state of the art dental equipments to make the entire procedure as seamless and pain-free as possible. We serve all of Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Tustin, and the rest of Orange County.


Dental Implants

A dental implant is a device that is designed to replace a missing tooth or teeth from the root in order to hold in place dental restorations that resemble missing teeth. Dental implants prevent the teeth surrounding the area where a tooth has been lost to change position, which in turn alters the bite. The shifted bite results in additional stress on the jaw.

The Smile by Design Dental Group follows a thorough process of medical and dental evaluation, special X-ray procedures and full clinical examination of your mouth before the dental implant is performed. This is to ensure that the entire process is performed with little to no pain and you can get back to speaking clearly and eating well in no time at all plus a complete smile that will transform your entire demeanor.

Learn more about dental implants and how it can help you improve the security of your teeth in a way that is ‘naturally’ appealing. The entire Smile by Design Dental Group offers consultations to patients in Irvine, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest,Santa Ana, Tustin and Mission Viejo and the surrounding areas of Orange County.


Our Location

Our dental team believes in providing care that’s truly exceptional. We can’t wait to welcome you! Contact our Irvine office today to schedule an appointment.

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Sedation Dentistry

Your sedation dentist in Irvine, Smile by Design Dental Group, offers relief for anxious, excessively sensitive, and physically or cognitively impaired patients. With oral conscious sedation, patients relax and get the dental care they need.



Clear aligners in the form of Invisalign are recommended for patients who don’t want the hassle of brackets and braces for a long time. Dr. Choi together with the rest of the Smile by Design Dental Group are the preferred Invisalign providers so you can be sure that you get the best treatment here in orange County.

Invisalign aligners are totally removable so it won’t be a bother when you eat, brush or floss. You can also brush it too to keep it clean and debri-free! It’s also comfortable and snug so you won’t be bothered with cheeks and gum irritation plus you get to smile without the distraction of metals on your teeth!

The Smile by Design Dental Group uses Propel, an orthodontic accelerator that allows for fast treatment so you get to wear your aligners only for a short period of time so less hassle, less check-ups and no dental adjustments than you care to undergo.

We care about you and your dental beauty so give us a call and we will make the smile of your dreams come true. We serve all of Irvine, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest,Santa Ana, Tustin and Mission Viejo and the surrounding areas of Orange County.


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